Synectics Ltd focuses on Risk Management in five distinct business areas, namely Fraud Prevention (external and internal), Legal Services Risk, Debt Recovery, Operational Risk and Credit Risk. Throughout the years, we have accumulated considerable business knowledge and expertise in these areas. In addition to developing and implementing Software Risk Management Solutions, Synectics provides consulting services on these risk areas and helps you implement solutions to your specific issues, for example by:

  • Introducing industry best practices and enabling you to stay ahead of the curve in today’s dynamic and quickly changing environment
  •  Strengthening and streamlining your processes and work methods
  • Managing and implementing large-scale and complex projects

Leveraging also our considerable IT experience in these areas, we have been chosen repeatedly by our clients to provide consulting services on areas such as:

  • Procurement of Industry Solutions to address strategic needs of an organisation
  • IT Management and re-engineering of legacy systems

Case Studies

Auditing the Processes and Methods employed by a Systemic European Bank in their NPEs Division. Review current Operations and recommend improvements streamlining their procedures, organisation, interfaces, etc.

Consulting a regional multinational bank in recovering from VISA a sizeable loss (6-figure amount) after an extraordinary ATM fraud attack.

Introducing Strategic Procurement Processes and Contracts for Technology Acquisitions for a regional Government.

Establishing the first official Credit Bureau in Cyprus (Artemis) a project sponsored by the Association of Cyprus Banks directing the four largest banks in the country who were part of the Project Board.

Consulting on and implementing preventive and detective controls for external and internal fraud for a regional multinational bank.

Strategic acquisition projects for regional Government Bodies and Banks including vision formulation, requirements definition, tender management, evaluation and selection, contract negotiations, and implementation of complex systems.

Determining Reasonable Living Expenses to be used in the process of debtor assessment and non-performing loans (NPLs) restructurings, sponsored by the Association of Cyprus Banks.

Providing Programme Management Services for a 3-year long strategic Change Project (both Business and Technology) for a large regional bank.

Introducing best practices for the management of legal risk for banks and law firms

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