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Data is being created today at an immensely faster pace, than ever before. Not only that, but the data growth rate will likely accelerate even more going forward with the use of new emerging technologies.

Virtually every aspect of business is now open to data collection: operations, manufacturing, supply-chain management, customer behaviour, marketing campaign performance, workflow procedures etc. At the same time, information is now available for external events such as market trends, industry news, and competitor’s moves.

In addition, each and every one of us is constantly producing and releasing data about ourselves. Using social media, buying our groceries, paying our loan instalment, driving our car will create data that contains information about us.

This data revolution provides opportunities to businesses to gain new actionable insights, drive innovation, and boost productivity. By utilising their data, businesses can understand their customers better, optimise their pricing and marketing strategies, revolutionise their supply-chain management, with the ultimate goal of managing customer attrition and maximising expected customer value.

Our Analytics team, by utilising cutting-edge Data Science techniques, together with our practical experience in predictive modelling and business consulting, can leverage your firm’s data to build models and solutions relevant to your needs and goals.

Case Studies

Modelling Credit Risk for Consumer Loans both at origination and during the life of the loan.

Modelling Credit Risk for credit card applications.


Identifying fraud in Real Time and Near-Real-Time in card transactions, including e-commerce, ATM’s etc.

Predicting Loss-Given-Default in Residential Mortgage portfolios.


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