Fraud Risk

SafeGuard Enterprise Fraud Prevention Platform

The SafeGuard Enterprise platform is the Synectics solution to manage Risk stemming from Fraudulent activities over card transactions and digital payments. SafeGuard combines the power of the human brain, with proprietary machine learning algorithms to effectively prevent and detect fraud. Give full control to your fraud analysts to create their own policies, through a highly parameterised, easy-to-use user interface, and get the support of the latest advances in AI and Machine Learning.

Protect your Cards and your Merchants

The platform unifies fraud prevention and fraud detection functions for your entire portfolio of transactions performed using a card; card present in-person purchases, card-not-present purchases such as e-commerce, and wallet/tokenised transactions. The platform supports all your needs, covering any card brand, both issuing and acquiring, and smoothly integrates with any transaction switch and card management system through a flexible, multi-method integration module. With the SafeGuard targeted modules, you can control the full spectrum of the Authorisation Cycle, starting with the interception of the authorisation request, through the analysis of the authorisation advice, and to the clearing and settlement presentment, to mitigate risk at all levels.

Empower your cardholders to be in control

Give your customers the control of how their card can be utilised, as they know best. Allow them to get notifications and control their expenses, the type of purchases that can be performed, the locations, and many more through an API that integrates directly with your internet and mobile banking applications.

Manage your merchants and support your AML policies

Support your merchant onboarding and automate your processes and procedures through the SafeGuard Merchant Management modules. Keep track of your existing merchant portfolio, quickly identify problematic merchants, and impose controls to mitigate risk. Automate your AML policies and generate powerful reports, to support your compliance with regulatory authorities and internal audit.

Protect your digital payment channels

Expand your fraud prevention and detection policies to your digital payment channels and protect customer accounts by blocking and pausing payments or imposing additional authentication methods. Enrich and empower your fraud control capabilities by registering important events to the platform for events occurring in other systems such as intrusion prevention systems, authentication systems, and other sources.

Combine the information and get ahead of criminals

Associate information between modules and make the right decisions on time. Correlate the location of a card transaction with the location and beneficiary information of a digital payment and outsmart fraudsters.

More than just an anti-fraud tool

Manage Disputes and Chargebacks

Design with us and support your team’s organisation as it suits you best, so that you automate, document, and keep up with deadlines, through the SafeGuard Enterprise Platform Disputes and Chargebacks modules. Receive disputes from various channels, integrate with the Call Centre and your branch network, send reminders and notifications to merchants, and assign work to your team. SafeGuard fully integrates with the Visa VROL and MasterCard MCM online services, unifying all your work into a single system. Move beyond Card Disputes and manage all Payment Disputes as you believe best, to support your customers and lay a hand when they need you the most.

Powerful Reporting and Data Analysis

SafeGuard provides a great number of valuable reports, analytics and statistics related to your portfolio and your officer and policies performance, through visualisation dashboards and on-demand report generation. At the same time, you can configure automated notifications and report delivery so that the information you need will come to you rather than drilling through menus and reports.

Customer Notifications

Send SMS and Email notifications to inform your customers for their cards and account usage. Inform them of various card transaction authorisation attempts and placed payments, and give them the necessary instructions and tools, so that they contact you, if they notice unexpected activity.

Integration with other systems

A holistic fraud management approach demands information sharing. The SafeGuard Platform incorporates flexible and multi-channel integration modules so that you can do exactly that; share information between systems to support your team’s, institution’s, customer, and IT needs. Integrate SafeGuard with your IVR System, Call Centre and Branch Network Systems, Ticketing Systems, Internet and Mobile Banking, Merchant On-boarding system, and many more.
Make your IT Department happy and send information to the centralised SIEM and Logs Systems, monitoring tools and integrate with your existing User Authentication system.


We are fully aware of the sensitivity and importance of the data stored in the SafeGuard platform. That is why we have invested a lot of time to incorporate Security by design, and not as an afterthought. SafeGuard fully supports your compliance with the latest versions of the PCI DSS, GDPR, and other well-known data protection and security standards and undergoes comprehensive security audits.

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