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Intuitive system functionality automates and standardises procedures for the increasingly complex legal functions. All the work is done through the System ensuring the integrity, consistency and completeness of the Firm’s operations while at the same time adhering to the Firm’s corporate standards and processes. The solution provides facilities that enable a paperless law office, which plays a vital role in boosting employee productivity and firm profitability. All LOMAS modules are integrated to align core business data, resulting in real time data consistency and enhanced management reporting and statistics, contributing to better management and work allocation and ultimately leading to outstanding service to your clients. The rich functionality, user friendliness, robustness, and resilience, coupled with superior client service offered by Synectics result in on-going client satisfaction.
  • Litigation, Companies Administration, Intellectual Property, Contracts Management, Anti Money Laundering, Shipping, Conflict of Interest, Workflow, Task Management, Document Management, Regulatory Reporting, Audit Trail.

Companies Administration

The LOMAS Companies System offers a complete solution to leading Law Firms and other Fiduciary Service providers. It caters for the management of a Company starting from the receipt of client instructions, to the Company registration and annual and ad hoc Company Secretarial Services.

The system maintains Company information such as registered office address, equity capital, officials, beneficial owners, bank account signatories, multiple share currencies, supports multiple domiciliations, etc. Company’s structure modifications are registered in the system effortlessly.

For greater security and protection of sensitive information the system utilizes various levels of authorized access as well as full audit trail. Furthermore, all your Firm’s data maintained through LOMAS are fully protected against copy and use in another server/location.


The LOMAS Litigation System, offers a complete solution to contemporary Law Firms for the management of their Litigation and out-of-court Cases. For the Synectics Litigation System, a “Case” is considered an assignment by a client, regardless of the involvement of a Court, for example out of court settlements, arbitrations or legal opinions.

A flexible court structure in combination with an intuitive mechanism leads the user towards the proper procedure for each case category. Adhering to court procedures and deadlines becomes an easy task with alerts, notifications, and linked actions supplied by the System.

Automated time charge monitoring, bailiff delegation control and expenses management, contributes to flawless and timely invoicing. An automated invoice processing solution including integration with third party accounting systems, builds credibility and eliminates errors.

Clients Index

A central access point of information regarding all the Firm’s Clients provides a Conflict of Interest prevention mechanism. The access control restrictions of the primary systems are inherited as well, ensuring that information remains secure and in compliance with company policies.

Anti-Money Laundering (and Terrorist Financing Prevention) Compliance

LOMAS helps our Client to achieve compliance with AML requirements as imposed by the Cyprus competent Authorities: Central Bank of Cyprus, Unit for Combating Money Laundering (MOKAS), Cyprus Bar Association, Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus, etc.

The System provides a consolidated menu with links to the salient aspects of AML information, which should be monitored and managed by the Compliance Manager, including risk assessment reports, company structure, exceptions requiring corrective actions, pending customer responses follow up, automatic notifications, etc.

Contracts Management

Contract generation is based on the Firm’s templates and configurable clauses. Classification and management of contracts is implemented using checklists for both agreement drafting and contract execution. Automated approval cycle and revision history provide full control during the contract’s life cycle. Smooth and seamless know-how-transfer and continuous improvement contribute to increased productivity and efficiency.


Registration and management of Ships under the local flag. The Management of a Ship begins from the receipt of Client instructions, through its many stages and submission to the Registrar for a provisional, a Permanent or a Parallel In/Out registration and yearly and ad-hoc inspections.

Intellectual Property

Recording and management of information related to Patents and Trademarks, automated updates for renewals and charges.

Association Events

Recording of Bar Association events such as referrals, consultant services, expert advice and any other Pro-Bono services, offered by the Law Firm.

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